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We Care About Your
Your Tastebuds. 

Opario Syrups started in a small bakery in Idaho!  From a need to pump up the volume on our flavored soda bar, to providing the same syrups for you to use in your homes, restaurants, & bars; Opario Syrups is determined to continue making you the very best gourmet flavored syrups! 

Opario Syrups are still manufactured right here in Idaho! We love the idea of providing jobs for people in our area, and utilizing Idaho sugar to make our high quality syrups! 

Flavored Lemonades, Opario Syrups


Regular and


Our syrups are made with real Idaho sugar & rocky mountain water, right here in Idaho! We have 33 flavors available, and are always working on developing new flavors! 

We also offer all 33 flavors in Sugar-Free also. So you can still enjoy your favorite drinks without the calories! 

Strawberry Limeade, Opario Syrup
Custom Drink, Opario Syrups
Custom Soda, Opario Syrups
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